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13 Jun 2006

: LC-3 Sim 1.0

I am pleased to announce release 1.0. This entails a port to Java, a function (and about on par with the ncurses) Swing based interface, and some other goodies. There is still room for improvement but this is a functional release that is better then our metric (BYU's original LC-3 Simulator)

02 Jan 2006

: Updates

Now that I (Ed Page) am back around, there are a lot of updates in CVS. It now works with LC-3, has a lot of bug fixes, and is moving more towards a true C++ program rather then mixed C/C++ style code. Tere is a tenative GTK user interface, but that is on hold slightly.

31 Aug 2003

: New GTK UI under development

lc2sim-gtk-linux and lc2sim-gtk-windows are actively under development at the moment.

We hope to take advantage of the GTK-curses project to bring the nice UI to the console, allowing a completely uniform UI across platforms.

Also, a major rework of the processor core is underway to allow for developers to more easily interface with the simulator libraries.

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LC-3 Simulator Description

The LC-3 is a 16-bit computer architecture used in Computer Science and Engineering courses. Currently there is a Windows and Java simulator for this LC-3 but both have limitations. This project is to create a cross-platform simulator that uses a native interface.